Friday, 23 March 2012

Why I eat my apple seeds.

I have my boyfriend to thank for my critical and questioning attitude towards common nutritional beliefs and towards the information that the FDA releases. Apparently, now I personally have never heard of this before, but apple and apricot seeds are poisonous *gasp*! Some websites are even saying that if you consume the seeds that you should go straight to the hospital and get your stomach pumped, that they contain cyanide and are very dangerous. To me all of this sounded completely absurd. My boyfriend always told me to eat the seeds, so I did, I've actually been eating apple seeds since I was a little girl because I didn't like wasting the apple. I'm still here, still alive, no sign of cyanide poisoning, nope. The seeds contain vitamin B17, it has been said to effectively prevent and even cure cancer (I will include links to information about B17 at the end of this post, so you can make your own judgements).

"Vitamin B17 is inert and non-toxic to healthy human cells. However when it comes into contact with the enzyme beta-glucosidase, it produces two poisons in minute quantities, hydrogen cyanide and benzaldehyde. The important thing here is that the beta-glucosidase enzyme is only present in tumours, and nowhere else in the body. When these poisons are released, it is at the tumour site only, selectively killing off the cancer.We do not even need to know this science to appreciate that consumption of vitamin B17 will not harm you in any way, the evidence is in the world around us. Vitamin B17 is present in large quantities in the diets of many cultures. In particular the Hunzas of Northern Pakistan eat a diet containing 50-75g of vitamin B17 a day. In the 'West' with our modern diet we are lucky to consume this much vitamin B17 in a year. It is therefore no surprise to learn that cancer rates amongst these people are practically zero, and only occur when they come into contact with the 'Western Diet'."

(I highly suggest you read this).

So what the heck? I have learned that if a piece of information doesn't add up, then you need to follow the money. So who benefits from a society deficient in vitamin B17? None other than the 200 billion dollar (per year) Cancer industry of course (Yes, Cancer is an INDUSTRY). Now again, I don't want to tell you what to believe, I want you to make your own decisions, so do the research, figure out the truth for yourself. What convinces me though, are the Eskimos, the Hunzas, the Abkasians, all the cultures that consume B17 daily and have no reported cases of cancer. It is said by some that cancer could be a nutritional deficit, so I'm going to keep eating my apple seeds, and as soon as I get my next pay check (just got a new job!) I will run to the market and get a big bag of apricots, and I will eat those seeds as well.

This page tells you why B17 is illegal (I suggest you browse the entire site for other information as well).
What foods contain vitamin B17 and how much of it is recommended to consume.
A short little video explaining what actually happens to the "poisons" from the seeds when they reach your body.


  1. Oh god! Those website are ridiculous.

    My ballet teach used to eat the entire apple also!

    I'll always remember that



  2. hahaha i never heard about the seeds
    been poisonous for us...
    I've always eating the seeds as well =)
    nice pictures. xxx